Dr. Fatma Al Madani

Consultant Dermatologist

Nationality: Emirati

Education: MBBC High Diploma of Dermatological Science

Languages: English, Arabic


With over 20 years’ experience in the field of dermatology, Dr. Fatma Al Madani’s expertise falls into many different areas. She is well versed in the management of common and rare skin diseases and is able to treat many different cases of chronic and genetic issues in both adults and children.

She is able to treat patients with all types of skin disorders including acne, infectious skin diseases, psoriasis, diseases of the fingernails and feet, hair loss, alopecia, and many others.

Dr. Fatma performs common dermatology and cosmetic procedures, including chemical peels for scarring and pigmentation, cautery procedures for warts and skin tumors, and dermatological injectable treatments for chronic eczema and alopecia.

Dr. Fatma Al Madani is a member of the Asian Society of Dermatology, American Academy, and European Academy.