Dr. Alexia Diaz Mathe

General Practitioner


Nationality: Argentina
Languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English


Alexia Diaz Mathe is a DHA Licensed General Practitioner. Dr. Alexia is an Argentinian Board Certified Specialist in Dermatology and Internal Medicine. She has more than 18 years of professional experience in Dermatology, Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, and weight loss programs.

Dr. Alexia Diaz Mathe got her degree in Medicine, and Professor qualification from Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002. Five years later she got her specialization in Internal Medicine at Hospital for Officers of the Police Force in Buenos Aires. In 2010 she acquired a degree in Dermatology at German Hospital in Buenos Aires. Having worked at German Hospital in Buenos Aires as a Dermatologist for 2 years, she went on to become the Head of Medical Staff at Clinica Angelus. However, throughout the period between 2007-2018, Dr. Alexia simultaneously worked at other various clinics and hospitals, as both a Dermatologist and Internal Medicine Specialist, overlooking the corresponding departments and Oncology patients.

Her expertise in Dermatology includes:


Peeling, Mesotherapy, IPL, Laser treatments


Advanced skills in the use of dermoscopy for diagnosis of different skin conditions


Vulgar Verrucae, Actinic keratoses, and other skin diseases

Skin surgery:

Skin biopsy and minor skin surgery


Her extensive education and practical experience indicate that she has excellent diagnostic skills in Dermatology and Internal Medicine. She has contributed to the sphere of Medicine with four academic papers, and continuous attendance and participation in conferences, courses, symposiums, and scientific activities.