Feel an instant change in your body with our one-of-a-kind Medical Spa consisting of holistic aesthetics and a unique Japanese volcanic sand bath. HYF Medical Center create a signature treatment just for you using 100% organic and holistic medicine.

Holistic Aesthetic

Volcanic Sand Bath

  • Raindrop Massage
  • Bio-organic Facial with Alginate Mask
  • Clinical Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Essential Oils
  • Lift Enzyme for face and body
  • Organic Facial with Collagen Mask
  • Lactic Acid Peel with Alginate Mask
  • Paprika Organic Detoxifying Facial with Collagen Mask

At HYF Medical Center, your treatment will start in our warm, comforting medical spa room, where you will change into a traditional light cotton robe called a Yukata. After this, the therapist will talk you through the treatment, ensure you are completely comfortable, before you lay face up in the hot sand, which has been soaking in hot water before drying out for your session. The spa therapist will then slowly bury you underneath the warm sand particles as you truly relax. Unlike the sand baths in rural japan, the ceremony at HYF is private, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.