Having skin problems is a nightmare. How about feeling happy with healthy, and beautiful skin? Our specialized dermatology experts are there to help you achieve amazing results.
We know that maintaining your skin is distressing, so our first step is to listen to your concerns which will help us to evaluate and design an optimal treatment plan tailored just for you. Our team is driven by the importance of prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of troubled skin while embracing the more recent scientific advances. Dealing with everything from anti-aging procedures, erase fine lines and wrinkles, to treating acne and other skin problems.

HYF Medical Center is dedicated to providing impeccable service in an unparalleled environment.

Treatment Program

  • Treatment of skin diseases of all kinds regular, chronic, genetic 
  • Treatment of different kinds of allergies and chronic eczema in children and adults 
  • Treatment of hair loss and alopecia 
  • Diseases of fingernails and feet 
  • Treatment of acne and its effects  
  • Cleaning and treatment of different types of skin 
  • Chemical Peeling to remove wrinkles and scars on the skin surface and excess skin pigment 
  • Cautery procedures for the removal of warts and skin tumors and viral skin bumps 
  • Curettage for the removal of viral warts in the skin 
  • Dermatological local injectable treatment of different conditions such as chronic eczema and alopecia and others 
  • Therapeutic and Pealing facial masks 
  • Armpit sweating treatment 
  • Treatment of skin pigmentation